MUST HAVE STEEL PLUGIN for Pop/Country Producers!

When it comes to producing pop/country style tracks, having a few options for signature sounds is key to making an interesting production.

The pedal steel guitar is one of the most recognizable sounds in country music and has been for decades.

If you are a country music producer and are wondering what your MIDI options are for a pedal steel sound, I’ve got something pretty cool to share with you. Introducing the Impact Soundworks Pedal Steel.

This is one of the best sounding pedal steel VSTs on the market. (If not THE best!)

The playability is so user friendly and it sounds great immediately.

The presets included are very inspiring to a pop/country production. 

I honestly find myself pulling up this plugin quite a bit when working on my productions. 

If you are looking for that Nashville style steel sound. 

Look no further than the Impact Soundworks Pedal Steel!

Check out my video on using the Impact Soundwork’s Steel plugin in a few productions!

Most of the time when I am producing a steel part I am highlighting a musical phrase. This means I am not chording as much as I am finding the lead notes that stand out in a track. I usually keep it super simple. I use it to for melodic ear candy to fill the holes in the song.

If you want that familiar pedal steel twang in your songs.. This is the plugin for you.

Bonus Tip:

When working with MIDI, once I find what I’m looking for with a part, I will commit it to audio. This is a way to covert your midi note into a wave form and also writes it as a new audio file in your session. I find it is best to commit your midi to audio as soon as possible.

Finding a great sounding VST is not always easy, especially when it comes to producing pop/country. 

There are more natural sounds in the production which make it harder to recreate with a VST. 

I think Impact Soundworks has done an incredible job giving me a tool I can use in my studio on almost every session.

From the time I downloaded this plugin, I find myself applying it on almost every song I’m producing lately.

Is that because I’m obsessed with steel guitar or is this plugin just that inspiring?

Find out for yourself!

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