Drum Layers With Impact XT

So you want your drums to sit great in the mix every single time?

Who doesn’t?!

The Impact XT plugin in Studio One 5 makes it very easy to do this with a simple layering trick.

When it comes to producing drums sometimes you need more than one layer for each hit.

Even after adding compression, saturation and eq your drum could still lack the attitude it needs to cut through a mix…

This is when you should consider adding more drum layers…

Once you know your snare is happening where you want it to during your song, take your audio file and place it in the groove tab in Studio One 5.

Studio One will extract all of the transients and create a MIDI file for you.

Once you have a midi file created you can now add Impact XT to trigger a new sample at the perfect timing…

Once you have Impact XT created, drag your newly created midi file from the groove tab down onto your new instrument track where Impact XT is active.

If you see that Impact XT is triggering but you hear no sound it could be that your midi note is not triggering the sample.

Double click onto the note region to open up the midi view to ensure that the sample triggers the right note when the snare is played so the sample can be heard.

Adding extra drum layers can help fill out certain frequencies where your original snare might be lacking.

Adding this extra snare sample really helps this drum cut through the mix.

Even with quality samples, adding extra layers can help add fullness to your drums you otherwise could not get.

Once you have the sample triggering the way you want, consider choosing to mix down that section. 

This takes the job away from Impact XT and commits the sample to audio.

I always encourage you to do this so you have the sound written in an audio file in your session.

Too many times have I upgraded computers or DAWs only to find that my session won’t load properly.

Being able to perfectly recall your sessions can be tricky so make it easier on yourself by committing your midi sounds to audio.

This will ensure that your drum samples sound the same in your session even if you upgrade your computer or DAW in the future.

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